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Antibiotics, Candida And Anxiety

Antibiotics, Candida, Anxiety & Health Kinesiology

Janice Hocking provided this account of the treatment of one of her clients:

Shirley is a previously healthy young mum with two small daughters, and she thought she was dying of a brain tumour! She had always been the worrying type, but when she suddenly started feeling terrible, waking up each morning with a heavy weight pressing down on her head which continued throughout the day, feeling a ‘fizzing’ under her skin and having no energy, she immediately thought the worst.

She phoned me [a Health Kinesiologist] in desperation, having been given drug, drug, drug, drug and drug by a series of medical ‘experts’ and feeling worse than ever [and no wonder!].

I asked her what had happened in her life immediately before the illness started, and she told me that she had a lung infection, for which the doctors had given her two courses of strong antibiotics. I immediately suspected that this was the cause of her problems and she made an appointment to see me.

When antibiotics are taken, they kill the invading bacteria but also have

the unfortunate effect of killing most of the body’s beneficial bacteria in the gut at the same time. Usually the candida yeast [which sometimes causes thrush] lives there as well and is kept under control by the beneficial bacteria. But when these are killed off, the candida proliferates and can spread throughout the body with amazing speed, causing all types of symptoms, including those experienced by Shirley.

If Shirley’s doctor had advised her to take a course of probiotics [beneficial gut flora] after the antibiotics, all might have been well.

I have been treating Shirley with health kinesiology once a month for the past five months, and her original symptoms have completely disappeared and she feels fit and well once again. She is still taking the probiotic which I tested was the correct one for her, and will need to do so for quite some time, but needless to say she is on no medical drugs at all now.

As a ‘side effect’ of her treatment, she has completely changed her worrying personality, spends more quality time with her children, feels happier with her marriage and is really content for the first time in her life.

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