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Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Are Mobile Phones Dangerous? by Helen Adendorff

Mobile phones are now considered to be one of the most dangerous pollutants of the 21st Century and are more dangerous than smoking and asbestos.

Electro pollution is an invisible toxin but it surrounds us. Scientists estimate that we are now daily exposed to 100 million times the EMF of our grandparents. They liken it to being in a room filled with cigarette smoke, but at least you can open the windows and doors for fresh air, it is not so easy for electro pollution! Research shows that these fields have a significant disruptive effect on the natural energy levels of our bodies. Our body’s energy as well as our cellular communication system is altered by the high frequencies of EMF. Man-made radiation magnifies our bodies ‘fight or flight’ responses compounding the effect on our adrenals and significantly reducing our ability to effectively cope.

After a two-minute mobile conversation, cognitive function (electrical activity) is disrupted in a human brain for up to an hour and the radiation penetrates deep into the brain. A twenty-minute conversation degrades cognitive functioning for up to three hours after

a call. The risk of car accidents is four times greater when the driver was using a cell phone or after making a call and shows that heavy mobile users are involved in up twice as many fatal road accidents. Driving while talking on a mobile phone is similar to the hazard of drink driving plus the effects last for hours afterwards.

Continuous exposure to EMF drastically distorts our cellular communication pathways, resulting in abnormal cellular metabolism and ultimately disease. The cell function deteriorates, cell membranes harden, nutrients cannot get in and toxins cannot get out and this breakdown of healthy cellular process leads to biological chaos in our body.

Hundreds of studies have shown the harmful effects of EMF on the immune system, enzyme syntheses, nervous system, learning, moods and behavioural patterns. Some of the biological problems specifically include disruption to the blood brain barrier, genetic damage (birth defects) and increases in cancer. Research has been done showing the risks of behavioural problems in children whose mothers used mobile phones when pregnant and the children themselves who use mobile phones from young. Children with their more vulnerable brains and nervous systems are at the greatest risk.

Dr George Carlo, chief scientist of the worlds largest research effort into wireless safety and spent 6 years and $28 million, but became convinced that mobiles are VERY dangerous. He says that in 2006 - 50 000 brain and eye cancers were diagnosed caused directly by mobiles. By 2010 if we do not intervene half a million cases will be directly attributable to mobiles. The good news is that we are at the beginning of the epidemic curve so have the opportunity to intervene.

The largest emerging population of mobile phone users are teenagers and young adults. Dr Carlo’s early findings discovered that using a mobile for 500 minutes per month doubled or tripled the risk of eye and brain cancers. Teenagers have become the unwitting guinea pigs in a massive mobile phone experiment.

The correlation between breast cancer and EMF’s continue to strengthen. The Boston University of Public Health reported a 43% increased risk in woman with a high likelihood of occupational exposure to magnetic fields and women working in electrical fields are at a greater risk of dying from breast cancer. This increased incidence has been directly linked to the suppression of melatonin from EMF’s. It is not just women, men who worked in the telephone industry or utilities were found to have as much as a sixfold increase in breast cancer.

Tamoxifen, the most popular drug given to prevent recurrence of breast cancer lost its ability to halt the proliferation of cancer cells when exposed to EMFs. The level of EMF (12mG) found in common sources including hairdryers, vacuum cleaners or refrigerators.

It is now known that Melatonin suppression occurs at frequencies at not far above those of the common household ranges. If we sleep next to a cordless phone or a digital clock enough continuous EMF exposures are emitted to suppress nighttime melatonin production.

Research showed that using a mobile phone could drastically reduce the male sex drive. Research done on rats, which were exposed to mobile phones, showed they had far less testosterone in their blood stream than those unexposed. Research also showed that men who regularly carry their mobiles in their groin pocket or on a belt have their sperm count reduced by as much as 30%. Further research conducted found that magnetic fields also increase oestrogen levels and reduced testosterone, a risk factor for testicular and prostate cancer. It is believed that EMF actually fit the definition of an endocrine disrupter.

The good news is that there are preventative and protective devices on the market, for intervention. They are nano-technology i.e. MOLECULAR RESONANCE EFFECT TECHNOLOGY (MRET) (patented noise field technology, only commercially available passive noise field technology) which drastically cancels out the cell damaging CRW, the effects of electro pollution on the body and ENERGY RESONANCE TECHNOLOGY (ERT) which is a subtle energy technology which that strengthens cell to cell communication, which substantially reduces the impact of EMF and other external stressors

For more research and to have a look at the products, which contain the MRET and ERT technology to harmonise these frequencies and are deliverable worldwide, please click here.

Love them or hate them, wireless devices, they make our lives easier and sometimes more fun, they are here to stay. The responsibility lies with each of us to take proactive steps that will protect us, our family and future generations from this insidious toxin.

Copyright 2008 Helen Adendorff – Natural Therapist RAA, ATMS, FNTT

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