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Asthma And Homeopathy

Homeopath Clare Wassermann use homeopathic remedies to good effect with this young girl.

Girl age 2 suffering asthma and repeated chest infections since 6 months of age

A lively little girl came to see me last month who has had repeated chest infections since being a small baby and has been diagnosed with asthma. She has a permanent wet cough and has to take Ventolin in an inhaler twice a day because symptoms are bad.

On two occasions when her breathing has been particularly bad she has been hospitalised and placed on a nebuliser.

Her G.P. has repeatedly prescribed Penicillin and Amoxicillin but the situation doesn’t improve.

The father thinks the trigger may be house dust as she is especially worse in the mornings on waking, but she is also affected by exertion and is sometimes sick after exercise due to the mucous. The father himself has hay-fever and an allergy to the house dust mite.

I prescribed Tuberculinum, Ant Tart and House Dust Mite as homeopathic remedies and reviewed her a month later.

On reviewing the father reports that the little girl has not used her inhaler for the whole month until the last weekend when she has had a cold which has coincided with starting nursery. She had a slight cold two weeks previously but this did not result in asthma like symptoms and the inhaler hadn’t been needed at all.

The family are extremely pleased with the treatment and I will continue to monitor every 5 weeks for three or four months.

Clare Wassermann, Registered Homeopath LCPH, MARH, B.Ed(Hons)

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