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Dealing With Indecision

Help With Making Decisions by Jane Thurnell-Read

We all have times when we feel indecisive. Some people achieve very little in their lives because they cannot make up their minds about what to do or which thing to choose.

Indecision is very stressful and time-wasting, so flipping a coin may help - but with a difference.

Normally when people advise the coin-flipping strategy, they intend you to follow the option chosen by the coin, but when I flip a coin I may not follow what the coin says.

I don't suffer much from indecision, but when I do I can feel how paralysing it is, so I devised this strategy.

I flip a coin and take notice of how I feel in the split second when I first see the coin face after it lands. Do I feel relief (that the right side is showing)? If so, I follow the coin. Do I feel dismay? If so, I do the opposite of what the coin advises.

Flipping a coin like this helps me to identify my true feelings on an issue, when for some reason I can't see them clearly.

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