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Fibroids Help Through Homeopathy

Homeopathy Helps Fibroids

Fibroids And Homeopathy by Lee Pollock

The growth of fiboids in the uterus is very common. It is said that as many as one in five women will develop fibroids. There is little conventional medicine can offer apart from surgery to remove the fibroids if they become large. And then they can grow back. Homeopathy can help women with fibroids to avoid surgery.

A woman came for treatment three years ago with this problem. She had already had two surgical interventions and the fibroids had grown back. She was experiencing very heavy periods because of the fibroids and as a result was also becoming anaemic. I treated her homeopathically for the fibroids, but also gave her constitutional remedies specifically for her. The combination of the individualised treatment over a few months improved her periods and she did not need to have surgery again. It seemed that the fibroids had become smaller and were not causing her problems.

This woman went on to have problems with her thyroid. She had to take conventional medicine for a short time to address this but she returned to for homeopathic treatment as well having had the positive experience with helping her fibroids. Again I gave her homeopathic remedies specifically for her as a person, as well as for the thyroid. Over a period of about one year the thyroid returned to its normal function. During this time she was able to phase out the drug treatment and use only the homeopathy. Her thyroid continues to be in normal range. I have known of other people who have been able to rebalance their thyroid function with homeopathy. It is important to bear in mind that it can take longer to arrive at a balanced state using homeopathy than with conventional medicine.

Then recently the fibroids returned again. She returned for homeopathic treatment. This time I changed the prescription for the fibroids because her situation had changed and she required a different remedy. The homeopathic remedy is chosen because it is unique to the person at any particular time. The fibroids did reduce in size again after a couple of months. She will continue to come for treatment over the next few months to ensure her health is maintained.

Copyright 2008 Lee Pollack, homeopath, practices in SE London and Kent, UK

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