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Overheating During Pregnancy

Over Heating While Pregnant by Nisha Obaidullah

Overheating during pregnancy is definitely a factor you must consider every time you do your pregnancy workout or if you spend a lot of time in hot or humid conditions, but what most pregnant mums don't know is that a pregnant body has an increased capacity to dissipate heat.
1. Pregnancy lowers the body's set-point for sweating. So you will find that you break a sweat much quicker now than before you were pregnant. Sweat cools the body by using the heat from your skin to evapourate the sweat and therefore extracting heat from your body in the process.
2. During pregnancy the amount of air you breath increases by approximately 40-50%. This increase in ventilation provides another escape vent for heat as the air that you exhale is still at the body's core temperature. The air you breathe in is the same teperature as your external environment which, is generally much lower than your core temperature.
3. During pregnancy blood volume doubles.
This combined with increased body mass provides pregnant women with yet another way to dissipate heat more effectively than a non-pregnant woman. The increased blood volume means that skin blood flow is constantly high, drawing heat away from the core and the increased surface area allows a greater volume for heat dissipation.
Having said all of this, it is important that you monitor yourself closely. Drink plenty of water druing the day and aim for 1 litre per 50lbs of body weight.
Wear layers that you can strip off quickly and easily if you get too hot.
If you feel nauseous, dizzy, faint or like you are having a hot flush, don't wait to see if it gets any worse - it will! Get outside immediately and cool off.

Copyright 2009 Nisha Obaidullah is the UK's Leading Pregnancy Fitness and Lifestyle Conditioning Coach. To grab a FREE place on her 14 Day Pregnancy Fitness Coaching Program and get in the Best Shape Of Your Adult Life Whilst Pregnant, visit

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