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Posture And Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain – Its Commonly Overlooked Cause by Prof/Dr. Brain A Rothbart

Why is chronic pain so difficult to resolve?

It is estimated that 70 million people in the United States are affected by chronic muscle and joint pain (that is, pain that persists for more than 3 months). It disables more people than cancer or heart disease and costs the American people approximately $100 billion a year in medical costs, lost working days and workers compensation. Chronic pain frequently leads to depression and drives many people into drug dependency or repetitive surgeries. The family suffers as much as the person in pain. But why is chronic muscle and joint pain so difficult to resolve?

Bad posture is a frequently overlooked cause of chronic pain in the knees, hips, back, neck or jaw. Bad posture often comes from the feet.

There are pressure receptors in the bottom of the feet. These pressure receptors, tell the brain the position of the body. If the foot functions incorrectly (e.g., abnormally pronates), the brain receives a distorted image of the position of the body. This distorted information, results in the brain making a faulty adjustment in the posture. Poor posture misaligns all the joints in the body. The joints wear unevenly and the muscles function improperly. Over time, this results in chronic pain (e.g., Fibromyalgia)

What can be done about this?

In 1988, Professor Rothbart first described a new and very effective type of therapy, utilizing a proprioceptive insole (not an orthotic) to improve posture. This proprioceptive insole gives a tactile stimulation to the bottom of the foot. Through this stimulation, a corrected image is sent to the cerebellum, the balance center of the brain. Acting on this image, the cerebellum initiates a postural correction affecting the entire body (including the bite). This correction in posture occurs automatically (without the voluntary use of muscles) and allows the body to readjust itself towards a state of harmony and well-being (referred to as homeostasis). As a result, chronic muscle and joint pain dramatically reduce or entirely disappear.

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