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Set Goals And Live Your Dream

Why You Must Find Your Passion, Set Goals And Live Your Dream by Saleem Rana

Some people have been so hurt by life that they have lost their passion for it. They have, in essence, lost touch with their dream.

However, we all have a dream. It is an aspect of consciousness to be creative. It is part of the nature of the human soul to aspire.

Furthermore, just as every face on the planet is unique, so too is your talent to fulfill your dream. Just as no two people write or speak in the same way, so too every talent is unique.

We all have a unique dream and a unique talent with which to fulfill it. Unfortunately, few of us do anything with either.

Those who do--soar. They are the leaders and visionaries of our world, the artist and the scientist, the scholar and the activist, the explorer and the inventor. They are the ones who appear to have a gilded life, and they turn the burden of their struggles into an enormous victory that benefits the highest good.

If we all have a dream, and we all have the raw talent to fulfill it, then why do so few of us aspire to do anything more than continue a dull existence?

It is because we are stuck in a comfort zone.

A comfort zone is a psychological condition created in our childhood that makes us feel in control, approved, and safe. It is a sense of well-being in the world. Whenever, we cross its invisible barriers, we feel acute discomfort, usually in the form of anxiety or depression. We instinctively rush back to feeling better again by denying the emergence of unfamiliar experiences.

Unfortunately, personal growth can only come from crossing the comfort zone and stepping into the heart of the unknown. The rules that apply to a dependent, limited child are not good rules for an independent, unlimited adult.

Fulfillment in life can only come from transcending our comfort zone and stepping into a place where we can learn anew. Our talents will not blossom unless we learn how to set goals and hone our skills, and they will not find expression unless we risk putting them out into the world.

You're going to have to do something with your life. You might as well make it big. The alternative is to cleave to the normal, the dull, and the banal, and to live a life of quiet desperation, where you never really get what you want.

With a little courage, you can conjure up your dream, and with a little effort you can learn how to slowly bring it into the world as part of your living reality. The alternative--a lackluster life devoid of significance--is not even worth considering.

Copyright 2006 Saleem Rana is a psychotherapist in Denver, Colorado. If you're up to the challenge and want to create the kind of freedom and lifestyle you truly deserve - starting now - then get his free book from

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