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Weight Loss Remedies

Achieve natural weight loss using herbs and minerals to support a sluggish metabolism and food cravings. Losing weight in a sensible and healthy way can be difficult, so here are some products to help you succeed -  an effective weight loss program. Weight loss support that works with you and for you.

You know you want to lose weight, but the question is what are the best weight loss products? There isn't one answer to that and that's why we offer a variety of products which depend on why you are overweight:

  • Weightless supplement is a great weight loss supplement if you feel your metabolism is sluggish and you find yourself with lots of cravings that make it difficult for you to stay on track and on target. I particularly recommend this one if you're feeling tired, sluggish and can't be bothered.
  • 5 HPT is becoming deservedly popular. If you feel generally miserable or suffer from insomnia or headaches as well as excess weight, give 5HPT a try.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid is a new kid on the block - research shows it may help insulin resistance, so could be worth a try if you have diabetic relatives.
  • Chromium is for you if you suffer from mood swings and sugar cravings.
  • Iodine (kelp) is important for the thyroid - try this if you feel cold and sluggish a lot of the time.
  • Psyllium Husks is a traditional remedy for constipation - it can also give you a full feeling in your tummy which can reduce how hungry you feel.
  • Guarantee
    60-day money-back guarantee (except for carriage charge) – even if you’ve taken the last one.
  • Quality
    All our supplements are manufactured in the UK or North America where high quality control standards apply.
  • Veggie - all our products are vegetarian

5 Hydroxytryptophan

May help insomnia, lift mood and regulate appetite...

(Including VAT at 20.0%)
Alpha Lipoic Acid

May help metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance...

(Including VAT at 20.0%)
Chromium Supplement

Chromium is a very important trace mineral that ca...

(Including VAT at 20.0%)
Psyllium Husk Capsules

Traditionally used as a natural laxative, to comba...

(Including VAT at 20.0%)
Green Tea Tablets

Believed to increase the metabolic rate and act as...

(Including VAT at 20.0%)
Iodine Tablets

Kelp tablets are a rich source of iodine. Although...

(Including VAT at 20.0%)
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